The After Story


“Sasha felt a stab in her chest each time the sea crashed against the treacherous rocky crags below, imagining Mama’s car flying from the bridge and sinking into the dark water, with Mama trapped inside.”

This is an excerpt from my latest story….

It’s just been accepted for publication in Short Fiction Break literary magazine, and although I can’t publish it here on my website for three months, you can read it on the following link….

Also, they are simultaneously running a Reader’s Choice contest, so if you like it, you could vote for me !!! Either way, I ‘d love for you to read it and tell me what you think. And thankyou. xxx

You’ll find it under the title of The After Story, stories are alphabetically listed by author, and this under Scarlett Boleyn appears about 20 stories down the list.

The contest theme was Anniversary, and the genre I chose was magical realism…. it’s an Angel story

The beautiful cover art that accompanies it, was created by my amazingly talented daughter MileikaIvanaxx, and reproduced with her kind permission.

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